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Also known as the “King of Mushrooms”, the shiitake is the second most eaten mushroom in the world after the button mushroom. In China’s Ming Dynasty, the mushroom was considered an elixir of life and a remedy for colds. At the time, a doctor described the mushroom as a “remedy for maintaining health, curing colds and stimulating circulation.” In the West it is mainly known as an edible mushroom because of its tastiness.

Now that studies on medicinal mushrooms have also been carried out in large numbers on animals, good and useful results are available. Then it makes sense to also use Shiitake in veterinary medicine.
The shiitake contains many vitamins and minerals including folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, quite a bit of selenium, lots of potassium, choline (also called vitamin B4), vitamin D and B vitamins.

1. Strengthen immune system:

Shiitake mushrooms are packed with nutrients that can strengthen the immune system and make your dog less susceptible to illness. Some of the immune-boosting ingredients include zinc, selenium, iron, protein and copper. The mushrooms also increase the production of cells that fight infections.

They contain a beta-glucan called lentinan that is only found in shiitake mushrooms. Beta-glucans can regulate your dog’s immune cells, speeding them up or slowing them down as needed. They are essential for regulating your dog’s immune response to illness and injury. An improved immune system makes them less susceptible to diseases.

2. Rich source of antioxidants:

Some of the most important elements in shiitake mushrooms are antioxidants. These mushrooms contain health-promoting substances called mycochemicals, which are specifically found in fungi. They also have antioxidant ingredients, such as ergothioneine and selenium.

The antioxidants in these mushrooms can help control and neutralize free radicals in your dog’s body. Free radicals can be formed when dogs are exposed to various things, such as x-rays, pollution and smoke. An excess of free radicals can lead to oxidative stress, which can harm the body and increase the risk of serious diseases.

3. Healthy weight:

If your dog needs to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, shiitake mushrooms may be able to help. They may not look like much, but they are very filling because of the soluble dietary fiber they contain. The beta-glucans in these mushrooms also help dogs feel full more quickly to promote weight management.

4. Healthy skin and coat:

Adequate intake of the mineral selenium is very important for maintaining healthy skin and coat. It maintains your dog’s hormonal balance and immune function to help the body produce healthier hair and heal skin wounds faster. Some people use these mushrooms as a natural treatment for acne.

The nice amount of zinc found in shiitake mushrooms can also improve skin health.

5. Heart health:

Shiitake mushrooms contain several compounds that may be beneficial for heart health, such as lentinan and an omega-6 fatty acid known as linoleic acid. The mushrooms also have a low sodium content and no saturated fats. Additionally, potassium in shiitake mushrooms can lower blood pressure. Therefore, they are beneficial for dogs with kidney disease, Cushing’s disease, or other conditions that lead to high blood pressure.

6. Gut health:

These mushrooms are rich in fiber and contain about 30 different enzymes that support digestion. The enzymes can help break down starch better, which is beneficial for dogs that eat kibble rich in starch. Shiitake mushrooms can reduce your dog’s risk of digestive problems, such as diarrhea and flatulence.

7. For allergy complaints:

Because shiitake mushrooms boost your dog’s immune system, they can also combat allergy symptoms. Good immune health can reduce the amount of inflammation and irritation due to allergies, resulting in less itching and scratching. This applies to allergies caused by food, environmental factors and parasites.

8. Healthy joints:

Some nutrients in shiitake mushrooms promote collagen growth. Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin, cartilage, connective tissue and bones healthy. More collagen and healthier cartilage help dogs move better without joint pain. Extremely beneficial for older dogs, but also younger dogs that suffer from HD, osteoarthritis or sports dogs.

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