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Turmeric is a plant that belongs to the ginger family. The scientific name is Curcuma longa. The rhizome of the turmeric plant is used to produce turmeric, which is often recognized for its bright yellow color. It is a common herb in cooking, especially in Asian dishes, and is known for its earthy flavor and warm aroma.

Turmeric contains an active compound called curcumin, which is responsible for its bright color and various health benefits. It is often used as a spice, but it is also highly valued for its potential medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This substance can be widely used for almost all aspects of health!

1. Natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory:

Scientific studies have shown that curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce low-grade, chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation concerns conditions in which healthy body cells are damaged in the long term, such as joint problems. This happens because the immune system is constantly activated, leading to exhaustion and reducing its ability to adequately protect healthy cells.

2. Parasitic infections:

Turmeric has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects. It can support various types of micro-organisms such as giardia, Leishmania, worm infections, staphylococci and all kinds of viruses.

3. Stomac & gut problems:

Curcumin has a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, including in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in dogs. It can even help to repair the intestinal mucosa after damage. It can also help very well with stomach ulcers, often caused by the Helicobacter bacteria.

4. Food digestion, liver and gallbladder:

Turmeric supports the digestion of food and helps to absorb vitamins and minerals from food. Studies also show that it can help with bloating, nausea and heartburn. In Asia, turmeric is traditionally used to prevent gallstones. It promotes the secretion of bile acids, improves the composition of bile and has a protective function on the liver.

5. Powerful antioxidant:

The digestion of nutrients always causes the release of free radicals in the dog’s body. The body can neutralize some of these culprits itself, but not always. Too many free radicals damage healthy tissues and cells in the long term and diseases can develop. Antioxidants provide a boost in this regard. Turmeric is a very strong antioxidant and therefore protects very well against such damage.

6. Also:

Curcumin from turmeric also supports diabetes, dementia and other degenerative diseases, allergy complaints, pancreatic disorders, behavioral problems (human: depression), inflammatory bowel diseases, general pain complaints, osteoarthritis and heart disease.

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Image YDOLO | The Healthiest Dog Food on the European Market

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Image YDOLO | The Healthiest Dog Food on the European Market Image YDOLO | The Healthiest Dog Food on the European Market