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Broccoli is considered a very nutritious type of cabbage and is closely related to cauliflower. The edible parts of broccoli are the still closed flower buds, while cauliflower consists of the underdeveloped flower bud structures. Not only is this vegetable considered one of the finest cabbages for humans, but it also ranks as a healthy superfood for dogs. Packed with essential nutrients such as fibre, vitamins C and K, minerals and antioxidants, broccoli contributes to a healthy diet for dogs, as long as it is prepared correctly, such as by steaming or boiling it.

1. Healthy for the eyes:

Broccoli contains two powerful substances, called lutein and zeaxanthin, that help keep the eyes healthy. Several studies show that these substances cause a lower risk of eye diseases.

Broccoli also contains a lot of provitamin A. The body converts this into vitamin A: a vitamin that is also very important for healthy eyes. So important that a deficiency of this vitamin (human) can cause night blindness and even blindness.

2. Anticancer properties:

Broccoli contains certain bioactive compounds that are associated with anti-cancer properties. One of the most important substances is sulforaphane, a sulfur-containing compound that is mainly present in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli.

3. Good for the stomach and intestines:

Broccoli can help with digestive complaints such as stomach ulcers, because it inhibits the growth of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Broccoli also contains fiber that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon, thereby inhibiting the growth of less healthy bacteria.

4. Bone health:

Broccoli is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for bone health. An example of this is vitamin K, which research shows that it contributes to higher bone density and a reduced risk of bone fractures. In addition, broccoli provides a significant amount of calcium, essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth in dogs. Other compounds in broccoli, such as provitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus, zinc and sulforaphane, also contribute to overall bone and skeletal health.

5. Chlorophyll:

The dark green color of broccoli, like many other green vegetables, is due to the natural pigment chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an essential molecule for photosynthesis, the process by which plants absorb solar energy, converting water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen.

Chlorophyll is known for its detoxifying effect. It can help bind and eliminate certain toxins and heavy metals from the body. That is why this substance is also very important for the proper functioning of the liver.

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Image YDOLO | The Healthiest Dog Food on the European Market

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